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Digital Download - pdf sheet music files and wav audio files

The long-awaited second edition of Dennis Koster's internationally acclaimed Keys to Flamenco Guitar, Part III - Concert Solos for Flamenco Guitar now includes Dennis Koster's best selling MusicMasters CD Flamenco Clásico. The CD includes all the scores in the book along with bonus track Lamentos y Tangos. Score is in standard music notation and guitar tablature. Contents: Introduction, Masters of Concert Flamenco, Structure and Style of Concert Flamenco Solos, A Note to Classical Guitarists, Table of Symbols, Alegrías - in the Style of Sabicas, Rondeñas - in the Style of Ramón Montoya, Farruca - in the Style of Niño Ricardo, Granadinas - in the Style of Sabicas & Escudero, Siguiriyas -in the Style of Sabicas & Escudero, Tarantas - in the Style of Sabicas, Danza Mora - in the Style of Esteban de Sanlúcar, Homenaje a Carmen Amaya (Bulerías), Homenaje a Sabicas (Soleares).

The Keys To Flamenco Guitar 3 Digital Book & Audio

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